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Chinese Medicine

On the philosophical basis of Chinese Medicine (CM), the Chinese medicine treatment of Acupuncture, Herbs and Dietary therapy takes on board the view of the human body as an organic whole which integrates with nature as one. Thus adapting food, herbs, or acupuncture prescriptions to different seasonal climates and regional variations whilst taking into account the individuals health status at that time. Furthermore, their current phase of life must also take into considerations.

Consultation & Expectation

Initial visit: Consultation

At your first visit, our Chinese Medicine practitioners will ask a range of questions starting with your main concern and then a thorough understanding of your health conditions. CM practitioner will also perform techniques such as blood pressure testing, pulse palpating, face and tongue observation to ascertain your health status.

Depending on your main concern, you may also be asked to go through Assessment of Movement, Full Body Composition, In-Clinical test as part of measurement tool and or may give a referral letter for further investigation e.g. blood test.

*Please note: Initial visit may not include treatment if the time of consultation exceeds 20 minutes or the practitioner need to wait for other testing reports or for further analysis.

Report of Finding & Treatment Plan overview:

Your CM practitioner will go through your clinical test results. Based on Chinese Medicine diagnosis and practitioner analysis, your CM practitioner will be provided you the most effective treatment plan to fit your needs.


Followed by the treatment which can take anywhere from 30 – 45 min. During this time I will leave the room and allow you to relax in peace. For first timer, CM practitioner will regularly check with you to assure you are feeling comfortable.

Depend on practitioner analysis, they may apply other CM treatments such as Tui Na massage, cupping, moxibustion, heat therapy, electric stimulation, auricular medicine, and or provide Chinese herbal/supplement and Chinese Medicine diet therapy to increase the effectiveness of the treatment plan.

I encourage you to hydrate and take it easy for the rest of the day.


Acupoints can be manipulated in several different ways including:

  • Acupuncture Needles
    • We use pre-sterilised, single-use and disposable stainless steel filiform needles. It is an effective tool known to heal many common ailments in people young and old alike. Acupuncture has long been associated with a homeostatic (yin/yang), regulatory, or calming effect.
    • Cupping
      • Using a round cup made of either thick glass or plastic with a rolled rim to ensure uniform and air-tight contact with the skin in order to preserve the vacuum. The negative pressure is created by heating or vacuum-pump device. The most common sites on which the cups are applied are the whole back, should, and areas of abundant muscle. The affect-effects of cupping often include erythema, edema, and ecchymosis in a characteristic circular arrangement. These marks like bruises may take several days to several weeks to receed back to your normal skin colour.
    • Electroacupuncture
      • For further stimulate, a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.
      • Infared Lamp (Heat Lamp)
        • To provide infrared rays that are specifically suited to subsurface heating of the body and increase blood circulation to affected areas, promoting tissue repair.
      • Moxibustion
        • Uses thermal stimulation generated when herbal materials are burned, indirectly or directly, on the affected are or acupoint.
      • Laser Acupuncture
        • Ideal for needle-phobic clients. Needle-free, aseptic and painless stimulation of acu-therapy, with no subsequent transient erythema, lack of tissue traumatization, the shortness of the procedure and possibility of very prescise irradiation of acupoints.

      It uses gentle low-intensity laser light is applied to acupuncture points, arthritic joints, and tissues in order to promote a “super charged” healing and pain reducing response.

      Chinese Herbal Medicine

      Every patient’s condition is unique and so the herbal formula is an individual combination that suits their exact needs. One of the key benefits of a Chinese herbal cure is its ability to be intricately tailored to suit each person. It is very rare that only one kind of herb will be used but rather different herbs will be combined in a prescription formula, consisting of 2 to over 20 herbs. As conditions change, the herbal content will be adjusted accordingly.

      We offer different forms of Herbal Medicine:

      • Raw Herbs / Herbal Tea
        • It involves boiling dried raw herbs for a short period of time, with the subsequent mixture being reduced to concentrated soup. The active ingredients are then taken as a drink.
      • Chinese Nutritional Supplements
        • We also offer range of Chinese medicine patent and or nutritional supplements.
      • Granule Prescriptions – In recent years, granules (a form of concentrated powder herb) have become the most popular delivery form for Chinese herbal medicine. Granule prescriptions are generally created by combining multiple base formulas together and are taken orally because they are intended to have a systemic effect, reaching different parts of the body via the bloodstream.
      • External Therapies – These therapies usually involve a topical (external use) preparation usually for application to the skin, in the form of a cream/paste/liniment/oil and are carefully blended for maximum absorption. We also create and use herbal creams/oil specifically for cosmetic facial purposes or massage.

      Other Modalities

      • Acupressure / Tuina / Meridian Massage
        • Is also another branch of Acupuncture. In this method, fingers are used for pressing the acupuncture points on the skin in order to stimulate.
      • Disclaimer.
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